Our Mission

The mission of the Childhood Obesity Foundation is to lead a societal shift toward healthy eating and active lifestyles to promote childhood healthy weights and the resulting physical and emotional benefits.

The vision of the Childhood Obesity Foundation is one of Canadian children and youth living healthy lifestyles leading to healthy weights and resulting in a lives unaffected by obesity-related chronic disease.

Our Operating Principles

In seeking to fulfil our mission, our strategic priorities are set in a framework, which makes the following assumptions:

  • we are non-partisan
  • we will conduct principle-based fundraising and only accept funding from ethical businesses whose dealings are consistent with our mission and vision
  • we value sustainability and consistently enhance our work through evaluation
  • we value collaboration and cooperation
  • we value excellence, accountability, integrity, and transparency
  • we strive to be an independent resource for government in their pursuit of a comprehensive program which addresses the issues of child and adolescent overweight and obesity

Please note that the Childhood Obesity Foundation is not a funding agency. We are not in a position to provide grants to groups and organizations at this time.

LIVE 5-2-1-0!


or more veggies and fruit per day


no more than two hours of screen time a day

hour of physical activity or more per day


no sugary drinks