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Articles and reports regarding marketing to kids

We are happy to share past webinars and PDFs of articles and slides from our Marketing to Kids initiative.  The Heart and Stoke Foundation of BC and the Yukon and the Childhood Obesity Foundation have co-hosted a series of webinars over the past year.  Please click here to view the webinar videos and slides.

Kim Raine, Tim Lobstein, Jane Landon, Monique Potvin Kent, Suzie Pellerin, Timothy Caulfield, Diane Finegood, Lyne Mongeau, Neil Neary, John Spence | February 2013

‘Restricting Marketing to Children: Consensus on Policy Interventions to Address Obesity’

Quebec Coalition on Weight Related Problems

“Food Advertising Directed at Children”
Marie-Evè Nadeau, University of Ottawa
Type: Review
January 2011
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“How to Stop Junk Food Marketing to Children”
Type: Report
November 2010
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“Ensuring Stronger Regulation of Marketing for Soft and Energy Drinks”
Presented by Suzie Pellerin
Type: Brief
February 2011
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Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada

“Economic Policy, Obesity, and Health: A Scoping Review”
Faulkner, G., Grootendorst, P., Nguyan, V.H., Ferrence, R., Mendelson, R., Donnelly, P., Arbour-Nicitopoulos, K.
Type: Review
July 2010
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Alberta Policy Coalition for Chronic Disease Prevention

“Eliminating Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Beverages to Children and Youth”
Type: Brief
May 2012
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Toronto Public Health
“Advertising to Children in Canada”
Presented by Brian Cook, Toronto Public Health
Type: Presentation
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