Healthy Buddies

Implement a program in your school like Healthy Buddies, a 21 week program with all lessons organized around one or more of the following: physical activity, nutrition, and self esteem. Empowering children to help other children is key to the Healthy Buddies program. The program is designed to pair older and younger students as learning buddies, creating opportunities for increased social responsibility and raising awareness of healthy living through out an entire school. Starting September 2008, Healthy Buddies will be piloted in Northern Alberta by Peace Country Health and in Ontario by the Variety Club of Ontario.

  • empowers elementary school children to live healthier lives by providing them with knowledge about, as well as encouraging positive attitudes toward, the three components of health: physical activity, nutrition, and mental health
  • delivered to younger buddies with the help of older buddies
  • requires 2-3 hours each week
  • physical component reflected in activities for gym, nutrition lessons taught in the classroom which reinforce key concepts
  • 604-875-2345 x 5120
  • visit their website here


LIVE 5-2-1-0!


or more veggies and fruit per day


no more than two hours of screen time a day

hour of physical activity or more per day


no sugary drinks