Screen Smart

Screen Smart is a program for Canadian elementary schools, designed for children in grades K-7. It aims to:

  1. Increase awareness among students (and their families) of how much time students spend in front of screens
  2. Reduce students’ screen time to less than 2 hours per day (or maintain that level if already achieved)

Reducing inactive screen-time has many benefits including better school performance and improved well-being.

Screen Smart was developed and reviewed by a multidisciplinary group of professions in BC including teachers, physicians and government represenattives and has been evaluated through a pilot project carried out in the Fall of 2010 by the University of Victoria. The program is currently listed in the “Canadian Best Practices Portal” as an innovative practice that has demonstrated positive results from a high quality evaluation. Screen Smart has been disseminated to schools across Canada, including BC, Quebec, and Northwest Territories. The program is available free of charge at

LIVE 5-2-1-0!


or more veggies and fruit per day


no more than two hours of screen time a day

hour of physical activity or more per day


no sugary drinks