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The Childhood Obesity Foundation is sharing information for studies that you can participate in!  You can make a difference by taking part of one of the following projects and help Canadian researchers to find better solutions faster.

Current Research Studies

  1. The Genetic Orders of Body Weight Study
  2. Reducing the Risks to the Heart in Overweight Children

See below for more information on each of these studies:

The Genetic Disorders of Body Weight Study

We are recruiting individuals who have severe, early-onset obesity prior to the age of 10 years along with intellectual disability, fat in unusual places on the body, compulsive overeating and/or birth defects.  We would like to do detailed medical assessments, including new hormone studies and fat imaging.  For more information, contact Marion Thomas at 604-875-2000 x 4927 or
View our study poster here.

Reducing the Risks to the Heart in Overweight Children

Through a novel echocardiographic technique at the Heart Centre at British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital (BCCH), we have found that there is a relationship between obesity and increased stiffness of the aorta.  In adults, aortic stiffness is a strong predictor of future cardiovascular events and early death.  Accordingly, the finding of increased aortic stiffness in obese children is cause for serious concern.  At present, it is not known if these changes in children are reversible or not.  We are planning to study whether or not we can improve aortic stiffness in obese children with a 12-week moderate-high intensity exercise program.  At baseline, subjects will be required to have an ultrasound of the heart (echocardiogram) and complete a walking treadmill exercise test.  Following this testing, subjects will participate in a 12 week exercise program that runs twice a week for 75 minutes per session.  At the end of the exercise program subjects will undergo the same tests to note any changes.  All testing and exercise sessions will be conducted on-site at BCCH.

This study is being conducted by Dr. Kevin Harris and Dr. Jim Potts at the Division of Cardiology at BC Children’s Hospital.

If you are interested in receiving additional information or wish to participate, please contact Kathryn Duff | 604.527.5494 |

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Please note:
Grant funding provided to institutions by the Childhood Obesity Foundation is to fund research and may not be used to cover institutional overhead costs.

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