Appetite to Play

Supporting physical activity and healthy eating in the early years

What is Appetite to Play?

Physical activity and healthy eating in early childhood (0-5) is important for healthy child development and setting the stage for lifelong healthy behaviours. Appetite to Play is designed to support early years providers promote and encourage physical activity and healthy eating. Appetite to Play provides healthy eating and physical activity recommended practices and practice support resources for early years providers to use in a variety of settings including: daycare centres, family-based childcare, preschool and parent participation programs.


In person training

The Appetite to Play interactive workshop for early childhood providers will enhance knowledge, skills and confidence in creating childcare settings that support healthy eating, physical activity, food and physical literacy to promote healthy child development. Early childhood (0-5) is a critical time for setting the stage for lifelong healthy behaviours. During this workshop planning tools, tips and ideas, recipes, games and activities will be shared and practiced. Participants will receive a booklet to help them get started and an overview of the Appetite to Play online resources. The workshop is three hours in length and will count towards professional development credits for early childhood educators. If you are interested in attending a workshop in an area, contact the ATP Training Coordinator at

Online training

Whether you live in Burnaby or Burns Lake, we’d love to see you at an online workshop! The workshop will have a live instructor that will facilitate and who will answer your questions. You will also get 2 hours of professional development credits. For more info Email or click here for upcoming workshops.

For online resources visit

• Self Assessment Tool

• Weekly & Monthly Meal Planning Tool

• Tips & Ideas for Healthy Eating and Active Kids

• Recipes and Food Activities

• Physical Activity Games

• Parent Section

• Training Modules