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Childhood Healthy Weights Intervention Initiative

The Childhood Obesity Foundation and it’s partners are excited to share the Childhood Healthy Weights Intervention Initiative final evaluation report titled ‘Childhood Healthy Weights Intervention Initiative: Shifting the Destination by Shifting the Trajectory’ along with an Executive Summary to the Report. The report concludes that the Initiative successfully used a family-focused, multi-agency approach to address childhood obesity. It presents cumulative evaluation findings for the province-wide scale up of Shapedown BC and MEND programs delivered from Winter 2013 through Spring 2014, the first four cycles of the Initiative. It shares program-specific highlights and lessons learned (February 2016).

We are pleased to share a copy of the Evaluation Presentation titled, “Evaluating a multi-faceted healthy weights demonstration project in BC: Transforming apples and oranges into a delicious fruit salad” that was shared at the Canadian Evaluation Society Conference in November 2015.

We are happy to present the progress report on the Childhood Healthy Weights Intervention Initiative “Our Journey” | March 2014

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